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My family tree subsection website.

This subdomain is about my family.  The pages were fixed width, but that has had to be changed because the host, new google sites, does not support fixed width pages.

Picture - Norway ~1982, I took this with my Agfa Sillette I was using Fuji slide film. 

This website is a collection of stories bound together by my family tree.  I have done very little genealogy research, although I have used my Kent public library's access to ancestry.com.  I have also added or corrected detail given by people who came across this website.


If you go back 500 years, we are all related to each other.  Even so, many of us still let others lead or force us into war against our brothers.  Others find the intensity of killing and surviving addictive, call it adrenaline buzz.  Royal families keep records of their bloodlines and eat their vegetables as a discipline, similarly to livestock breeding to maintain their blood health, but in reality, it is not the DNA line, and it is usually fixed a bit to conceal so-called wrong behaviour.  These are disciplines, but people used to talk and tell stories more informed gossip, family knowledge and truths than rely on TV.  On the other hand, with care, the internet is a great enhancement to those traditional ways.

I asked a friend born in Iceland if the Icelandic heredity records could be distorted by lies to conceal so-called wrongdoing, the answer was no because Icelandic people never have been secretive such as about birth without marriage.

Family Tree at a glance

Wilhelm Hermann Lohmann

From Hanover, Germany, circa 1714.  Piece of paper handed down that my grandfather knew of and thought he had, but Joan Hawkins found it with Gangan her mother's (my great-grandmother) things. 

Hermann Lohmann {+ Three brothers, one sister may be other siblings} 

Was one of Wilhelm's sons who also came from Germany.

Lohmann and Beaufort (1740 ish?)

Oral history Alicia or Elizabeth Berkeley - mother's maiden name used

Marquis of Granby, Lewisham, Public house. My great-grandfather's pub.


Pianist of concert standard.  The Fagg family were musicians and pianists.  My father's mother.

Mary Greenwood, not Greenfield 

Great-grandmother was married to Berkeley Lohmann.  Known as Gangan.

George Lohmann,

Cricketer, there is a block of flats (Lohmann House) at the Oval, Surrey County Cricket Ground.  Although related as a cousin that I am the nearest living male line descendant, but this may not be true.


Lived for many generations at; Homer Park, Brentor, near Plymouth.  My mother's father, who was a photographer.


The family connection to Dameral may go back to a naval captain in Plymouth in the 1500s was my mother's guess (I think, suggested by ancestry advice purchased in the 1980s?).  My Mother's father's mother.  


I don't know anything other than the mother's surname was passed on as a middle name or hyphenated surname. 

Elfin 1066 

Landowner thought all Brailsford was descended from.


The Postmaster, Brailsford, Derbyshire.  My mother's mother's name.  Granny was a photographic technician, a fatalist, and chance always fell the right way for her.

Geake or Geake-Philips

Her surname was Geake, but seems to be recorded as Geake-Philips?

My grandparent's parents and near family;

Harold Lohmann & Beatrice (Fagg) ------ Edgar Parken & Dorothy (Brailsford)

Jean (Parken) & John Lohmann (mum and dad)

Cousins and other relatives in the UK, Canada, USA and Austria.

Andrew Lohmann {Electronics Design Engineer}  ----- Avril [Lohmann] {share guest house owner} & Simon Edwards {Shop Manager}

My grandfather Edgar Parken gave me his sea fishing rod, line, hooks and zinc-plated reel when I was a boy.  The ratchet did not work on the reel, but everything else was in good order.  It was not rusty then and all the porcelain runners were in place.  Aunty Dot may have purchased a good second-hand real for about £2 when we were out with mum, but dad, and I never caught any fish.


By comparison, things I have written on social media or in other ways can then be forgotten, and the post disappears. 

People talk to each other less, reading the promotion and pay for work to be done more now rather than sharing advice and doing it themselves.  There is a lot of poor advice about bicycle maintenance - for example, on YouTube, but discussions with the video and on Facebook groups tend to correct that advice, but you have to judge from a range of discussions and ask again. 

The modern age is quite transitory, things change a lot and the past is romanticised or remembered as a bad thing rather than remembered as different.  Some of these differences in perception are down to the Temperament of the person.  The amount of make to last, re-use, repair and recycling was considerable for example when I was a boy now it is greenwash much too much.  I am not trying to build a detailed family tree but put together the stories in which one goes back 300 years, but the record is very unreliable.  Some things told were spun a bit as well - first told but then on second thoughts as an adult decades later told with an opposed opinion to correct what was said to me as a child or reconsidered on reflection.  All the same, the recollection of the story is interesting getting it right and when you are confident that you have it right.

My Father John Harold Lohmann, 1929-2002 Said there would never let another war like World War two which was fought on our land rather than elsewhere happen again because people were isolated from the media talked to each other about what they wanted, and then largely got it after that war.
My motherJean Helen Lohmann, 1933-2022;Her mind and physically were deteriorating exasperated by lockdowns, she suffered many falls, in those last two years, followed by visits to the hospital which she argued against with the ambulance crews but on the last occasion mum did not argue, she had a lot of infections.  The hospital kept her comfortable, the single room door open, so she could hear things going on.  She smiled and waved good-by then died a few days later in April, Covid measures were the last straw she was not allowed to go out, a taxi driver had told her off and after that, she could do less and less to the point in the last few months she had said she said the end bit was taking a long time.  Mum had walked over anyone who would not stand up for themselves and she always voted, and usually Labour if the candidate was good.  The only person she bullied but was normally outmanoeuvred by was dad.  Mum grinned if you tried to tell her off and usually carried on doing it but occasionally and if you were precise, accurate and gave her no wriggle room with your criticism she would accept it and thank you.  She spoke directly to people, so they often spoke about things that worried them in a way very few other people could do, which could be kindness or unkind but firm and correction.  Mum had done everything she wanted and could do and had travelled considerably, and what she told you was a mixture of a little truth and spin.
Mum was a fatalist and, for example, gave visitors past its best food based on the assumption that you don't know won't harm you.  One of her brothers Tom said their mum did the same, it did not harm them.  Dad hated that way of behaving.  Dad was also particularly good at catching her out when she cheated then stopped playing cards for example with her, mum could not stand being caught and would spin and mislead to avoid it.  
Both parents were World War 2 children brought up allowed and encouraged to eat and enjoyed eating lots of vegetables, but dad was told not to pick the fruit in the garden but eat all the dropped fruit he liked, which he did all his life. 

My granny purchased many paintings for about 10 shillings each in Brighton.  They were all over my grandparent's house, and she sold one or two when they wanted a TV or something.  Some of the pictures were very big, such as much of the length of a long hallway.   These two pictures were given to my mum and dad, one picture each.  As the number of purchased things reduced, they moved to smaller houses and spent the money on cruising to many parts of the world.   Neither of them ever expected to or had a state pension, although they were due a pension.

The pictures are described by Gorringe's Auction House  

The price estimate of the first painting, which mum had cleaned the picture, and restore a bit of the frame, is half what it was 30–40 years ago.  The second picture I find is like a real fire that you can keep on looking at, its value is a little less.  Neither of the pictures have great value. 


Technical detail

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It looks like there is or can be created a coat of arms for any surname.

Dameral my mum's granny on her dad's side has lived in Devon for a very long time, mum had said that about her father Parken, Granny Brailsford on the other hand never really stayed still anywhere long like her grandfather the piano tuner Sydney.  The oldest ancestor was Elsin a small spelling difference who fought with William The Conqueror. 

But for surname ancestry, probably there would not be any DNA distinction with anyone else.  This is an interesting curiosity all the same.


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