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You have found my family tree subsection of my main website

This subdomain is about my family. The pages were fixed width but that has had to be changed because new google sites does not support fixed width pages.


Picture - Norway ~1982, I took this with my Agfa Sillette I using Fuji slide film.

This website is a collection of story's bound together by family tree. I have done very little genealogy research although I have used my public library's access to ancestry.com. I have also added or corrected detail given by people who came across this website.


If you go back 500 years we are all related to each other. Even so, we still let others lead us into war against our brothers. Royal families keep records of bloodline similar livestock breeding to maintain the blood health but not the DNA line.

I like the storeys past down connected to the sir names, places and names.

Family Tree at a glance

Wilhelm Hermann Lohmann

From Hanover, Germany circa 1714. Piece of paper handed down Joan Hawkins found.

Hermann Lohmann {+ Three brothers one sister may be other siblings}

Lohmann and Beaufort (1740 ish?)

Oral history Alicia or Elizabeth Berkeley - mothers maiden name used

Marquis of Grandby, Lewisham, Public house.


Pianist of concert standard. Fagg family were musicians and pianists.


Great grandmother married to Barkeley Lohmann. Common grandparents many generations ago.

George Lohmann, Block of flats at the Oval, Surrey county Cricket Ground.


Lived for many generations at; Homer Park, Brentor, Nr. Plymouth. My mother's father.


Family connection to Dameral & line to naval captain in Plymouth in 1500′s. My Mother's father's mum


I don't know anything other than a the mothers surname was pass to on as a mile name or hyphenated surname.

Elfin 1066

Land owner thought all Brailsford were descended from.


The Postsmaster, Brailsford, Derbyshire

Geake or Geake-Philips

Here surname was Geake but seems to be recorded as Geake-Philips?

Harold Lohmann & Beatrice (Fagg) ------ Edgar Parken & Dorothy (Brailsford)

Jean (Parken) & John Lohmann (mum and dad)

Cousins and other relatives in Canada, USA and Austria

Andrew Lohmann {Electronics Design Engineer} ----- Avril [Lohmann] & Simon Edwards


  • My mum heard her oral history from her grannies as a small child. That history would have been retold many times so was checked and remembered. At first the story's are a little spun but like all conversation in polite cross examination they become more consistent and the less spun.

  • I recall watching TV at my fathers parents whilst my grandfather talked gardening because politics made him angry. My mum and granny talked a lot of family history and gossip. My granddad added detail. Two of my granddad's sisters went to Monte Carlo and lost a lot of money gambling. Although I did not remember much of this mum did and retold a lot to me. My father's auntie Joan (who is a bit more distant relative) recalled other things.

  • Mum has told me a few times that her sister's Dot and Flossy Parken would both have know more of the Parken oral history. My auntie Elizabeth collected a lot when visits from Canada to the UK.

By comparison things I are written on social media or in other ways can then be forgotten and the post disappears. Nature of writing things down seems to be that do that it can help memory and learning and that is why school's teach this way.

  • My father by comparison did not like to hear family history there was something he was uncomfortable about. On the other hand he handed down his train set, meccano and his very nice fast light to peddle sports bicycle. He handed down these and other things with an a similar appreciate of them as mum handed down the story's.

People talk to each other less, reading the promotion on the side of the tin rather than share advice. Take seriously the gossip reported on the TV. There is a lot of fake advice or poor advice about bike maintenance - for example correctly adjusted bearings when lubricated correctly with thin oil wobble this is masked on a car by grease but car bearings are just the same. The correct advice is in Haynes car manuals and other older publications.

The modern age is quite transitory things change a lot and the past romanticised rather than remembered. I am not trying to build a detailed family tree but put together story's in which one goes back 250 years and is where the Christian name of the eldest Lohmann son was Berkeley for a while. Some things told were spun a bit as well - first told then on second thoughts spun as opposed to corrected. All the same the recollection of the story is interesting.

My Father John Harold Lohmann 1929-2002


Technical detail

General see; http://www.andrew-lohmann.me.uk/about

  • This site is hosted by; New Google Sites (2019)

    • My family tree is at website; family.andrew-lohmann.me.uk was fixed width to maintain the formatting;

    • This was hard to work on using spaces dashes does not tabulate columns nicely or consistency.

    • In any case Classic Google Sites (the host and template provider) will be replaced in 2021. This site has any case been transferred to New Google Sites and is being edited and tidied up.

  • Family Tree is split into branches; and the branch structure edited using various Genealogy tools (May 2019)

    • A PDF output or other is generally output from Gramps 5 Software for Linux.

      • This tool is flexible in the output detail and the depth of the tree structure.

      • The tool is not used to create the tree other than as a good tool for merging trees or splitting a tree.

        • Gramps is good a listing people clearly and also removing unconnected people.

      • Gramps imports and exports gedcom but Import from another tool will introduce a number of errors but the tree looks good even so. The combination of off-line tools and the on-line website works well.

        • It is best to avoid importing and exporting because people in the tree accumulate lots of UPD and irrelevant notes but when these are found they are best simply deleted using the Myheritage on-line tool.

    • Branches are maintained on the genealogy website; www.MyHeritage.com and the companion Windows tool Family Tree Builder.

      • I am using the Free version which is;

        • Limited to 250 cards (people) 500MB for each site. You can have a number of sites each with a number of trees.

      • Windows off-line tool is Tree builder should only be on one PC for the synchronisation to work properly. But there are work-arounds;

        • To switch to another PC;

        • Delete your off-line trees before starting Windows,

          • Deleting the tree's after starting windows is likely to cause synchronisation with an old version to have occurred. I run another OS first but starting another user and deleting the trees from within those works.

        • Then downloading from the MyHeritiage.com using the File-menu option restore from site. This may or may not occur automatically.

        • After the trees are downloaded there is an oddity that each tree will require synchronising and there are a few quirks;

          • The answer to the question is upload (not download) they are of cause at this stage both the same but this step seems necessary in order to prevent the tree being marked out of sync.

          • If you do chose download rather than upload and the tree is marked with a synchronisation error and to resolve this error - chose synchronisation and upload. But only in the situation that you have just chosen download but had done no editing of the tree on-line (obviously).

          • The issue does not arise or is also resolved if the on-line version is edited after the tree has been downloaded. In that case let synchronisation will occur automatically and you find that tree will all be marked in order.

      • The off-line tool it is important because both the website and the windows tools have different useful editing tools. Work can be carried out in either then exported to gedcom format. Output can be save and pasted into the website but be careful not all of the tree will be printed.

  • The Trees are now pictures in JPEG or PDF on the website.

    • I am hoping to put back the links that used to exist in the old version of the website. This is looking difficult and will not be both ways as before?

  • Ancestry;

      • Available on Kent Libraries as part of my membership of the library. http://ancestrylibrary.proquest.com/

        • Much of the checking of dates has been done with this tool.

      • I have not evaluated Ancestry for editing our family tree other than to note;

        • Free account allows a 75KB maximum gedcom size.

        • Import and export *.ged


Others resources to consider;

    • I have also got a www.findmypast.com free account

      • This appears to be a good on-line wiki

        • Limitations - number of levels. Unknown.

      • Can in port and export gedcom.

        • Limitation - only part of the online data appears to be downloadable?

    • https://www.familysearch.org/en/

      • Church of latter-day Saints (I have an account but I have not looked at this yet but it is basically free and is open to non-church people)


  • New Google sites is what I am using now.

  • I have a single web-page hosted by Freeola which I could upload the basic family tree to. FileZilla which I used to use for managing web-pages was very good.

  • Google Chrome extension (MyHeritage)

      • Said to be difficult to use. On the other-hand it might integrate well with my google hosted web-site?

Advice websites;

    • https://www.cyndislist.com

      • Advice websites and software list.

    • I have been recommended RootMagic software for PC. https://www.rootsmagic.com by Facebook Fugal Ancestry group

      • This can output a tree and story format which looks like it will do what I am looking for.

      • The advice given on facebook was use RootMagic and Wordpress.