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My Grandmother (Nannan) family


  • My Granny with some reminders from my mum rather than my father.

  • Ancestry for dates and checking.

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Fagg family home in 1901 according to the Census was; 17, Thanet Road, Ramsgate. I am told that they were a musical family and clearly past on a very good understanding of music to my father John Lohmann.

Beatrice Fagg;

My grandmother was an accomplished Pianists, though she never took it up professorially but she taught piano. Beatrice who had Osteoarthritis said that all her brothers had Rheumatoid-Arthritis and did not live beyond age 50 (I had Rheumatoid-Arthritis from age 15 to age 27 and my Granny told me about her brothers then). One of her brothers was married to Popsy – possibly.

Beatrice corresponded with school friend; Miss Edith Duff – left John Harold Lohmann a pocket watch, I believe her fiancee was a casualty of the first world war. Beatrice was from a musical family was inherited from her father’s family. My father John inherited a considerable appreciation and understanding of music. She was highly qualified but did not pursue a concert pianist career. There is a photo of her wearing her cap and gown for her qualification as a pianist. Beatrice’s mother died young at aged 50 of a stroke then fell down the stares. Her father disgraced himself by re-marring, as a result Beatrice never let him in the house when he came to visit grandson (John). Mum says Beatrice’s her mother owned 8 houses. Beatrice saw the Zeppelins when they bombed Ramsgate and Margate which is as far as they could travel. The Zeppelins where silent and when shot down in flames came down silently so people could here the crew screaming as the balloon came down. The crew were not given parachutes. People left Ramsgate and Margate and there was auctions where Beatrice purchased a clock for she was with her mother and herd it striking and wanted to find it and buy it, which she did for £2/…. or 25s. At Ramsgate? there was a tram line along the sea front in 1901 a very large tram was built it ran along the sea front and tumbled off killing many.



Worked in a power station a where a kitten was electrocuted it never grow up, but I got the impression that it live a long life.

- Ancestry.com 17 Thanet Rd, Ramsgate (census 1911)


My father John remembered when he was small his uncle Fred, took the cake, not the slice as a joke. That was the uncle drove a Morgan motor car I believe.

- Ancestry.com 1863, 17 Thanet Rd, Ramsgate (census 1911)


I don’t know anything about Reg.

- Ancestry.com 17 Thanet Rd, Ramsgate (census 1911)



  1. Beatrice Fagg;

  2. Charlie;

  3. Fred;

  4. Reg;

  5. Roy

  6. Peter

  7. Brian

Roy Fagg married to Pauline his second wife, was manager of South East Electricity Board (SEEB) warehouse in Tunbridge Wells, a Radio ham. Said to have been involved in secret work in WW2, I wondered if it was code breaking but he would not tell me.


Was an Army Captain. Surveyor lived in Broadstairs and worked on Canterbury Cathedral.


Was a Chemist (mother’s name was Amy). Brian told me something about a relative? who made optical instruments Possibly theodolites, or that could be Stanley. I met Brian in the 1970's?