John Harold Lohmann – 1929-2002 ** biography

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John Harold Lohmann, 12 June 1929 – 2 pm, 2 September 2002

Our father had a massive brain haemorrhage in September 1997 at his home in St. Leonards-on-sea and has resided in hospital then at a nursing home since, working on getting well enough to go home. Eventually, an infection became apparent in September last year, which he did not recover from.

Dad’s penultimate was his dinner at David Salmon’s House in Southborough last summer where he got up and thanked Avril, myself and everyone, with my hand on his arm to steady him. His walking progressed to controlling the size of his step and bending his knee. In addition, things got much easier for me because I only needed to support his right side without lifting as well. Eventually in early September dad could walk with the aid of two nurses, it seemed like the only way was better and better.

Our father’s time in hospital between September and December following the stroke was horrible for all of us. Similarly, the same period last year with his urinary infection was depressing for him. Dad made a lot of the last Saturday before Christmas thanked me for helping him, but going out the following weekend seemed irrelevant. The following day, Sister Cindy phoned to tell me dad was not speaking and had not been out of bed that day. Dad had given up and for the last days seemed calm holding my hand, sometimes ready for the enviable to happen. The last hours were with Avril when he went to sleep “forever” to quote his last words.

As a child, he lived in Sevenoaks and did his national service in Singapore just after the end of WW2. Dad’s met mum while she was living in Brighton. Mum and dad lived in a flat for a while then moved to Dunton Green, Orpington, then Tunbridge Wells. Whilst running Grosvenor Wood Post Office, we had two wonderful holidays cruising to the West Indies. We played in the sea with fish at our feet. African rhythm was everywhere, and we travelled by coach with the best air-conditioning, it had no windows.

Dad retired at age 55 and enjoyed life with a little bit of work, such as practising Reflexology. Later he divorced and moved to St. Leonards-on-Sea, where he was very happy. Though he did not get back to his home at the seafront, he often visited during his four-year stay at Copper Beech House Nursing Home. Many cafés, restaurants, pubs, and the Connex bus welcomed us with my father in his wheelchair. Thanks to them and also to the nursing staff and physiotherapists who helped him.

Andrew H Lohmann, file: dad1last.doc, 19-01-02



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